PARTYNEXTDOOR 8. Wus Good / Curious


Good, lovin, feel so, numb
Ride me, till I’m, ’bout to, cum
I see, you are, bout to, clim-
-ax so, oh girl, don’t be, shy

[Verse 1]
Is you ready
Is you ready baby
You seem ready
You seem ready baby
Girl tonight I won’t be selfish
It is all for you
Girl my bad I just can’t help it
Girl you taste so


Hey shawty this what I’m here for, I’m ready
Are you downtown when I’m round town, I’m ready
Girl just let me know what’s good
Girl just let me know what’s good
Good, good
They won’t know, they won’t know what we do
Girl you’re beautiful
No, no, they won’t know what we do

[Verse 2]
And time’s still runnin’
And my mind still runnin’
Block still hot from your Jimmy Choo’s
And you know I got experience
So you know I just want an experience
Girl, my bad I just can’t help it
Girl you taste so




Curious, shawty you’re curious
Get serious, ohhhh
You say you’re curious, oh no

[Verse 1]
Rollin’ with codeine and a swisha
Shit I just might kiss her
She just changed her Twitter
To “Party-Gets-Me-Wetter”
And you know that I believe it
Cause her pussy the meanest
She don’t fuck with many niggas
She don’t fuck with any niggas
Yeah I call all the dibs on mine
I call all the nines and dimes
I put on my ice and sneaks
She puts on her ice and weave
We stay mobbin’ for a week
Hit the strip while she’s asleep
Shawty know that I’m a freak
Shawty know that I’m a freak
And that’s why you’re curious soooo




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