Meek Mill Ft. Paloma Ford – I Don’t Know (Official Video)


[Hook: Paloma Ford]
I don’t know what these niggas speakin’ off
I don’t know what these niggas trippin’ on
Don’t touch my niggas I suggest you don’t
Boy if you do you must be suicidal
Don’t say my name unless you suicidal
Don’t get to close unless you suicidal
Dont touch my niggas I suggest you don’t
Boy if you do you must be suicidal

[Verse 1: Meek Mill]
Money won’t ease us
Man niggas even hated on Jesus
Living life on the road on the chase for the money
Cause the hoes won’t please us
Yeezus told us there’s blood on the leaves
Ain’t no love in the streets
Let her run into me and she wanted to meet
Now she fuck with a G
Got your bitch not wanting to speak
Hold up, y’all mahfuckers tried to shit on us
Chain all lit all up
Porsche with the horse like get on up
And my bitch got that shit on her
Rock Balmain cause I’m ballin’
I put red bottoms on red models
And no more red bottles
Straight Belarie nigga every bottles
Ricky Rozay we in here
Double M G we’ve been here
Straight from the north side
Right by the project how did I get here
Sippin’ on lean with a bad ass bitch
From the Hills, probably live there
And get money like me
And the pussy so wet I need swimwear
Hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up


[Verse 2: Meek Mill]
Suicide doors, riding around with a suicide whore
There’s no love in the streets and this blood on my sneaks got suicide on them
Going everywhere you are not going
Doing everything you are not doing
And I’ve been out to get it and you mention my niggas that’s suicide on them
Right back to the money my nigga no we don’t play
Say my name and that’s D.O.A
And all these chains is saying we okay
And we drink Champagne, eat Frito Lays
At lunchtime, do it for the ghetto one time
I don’t even know how to tell time, look at our time
Cause the watch say bust down and the whole band is drumline
Me and my nigga, Rozay that’s my nigga
D-Boy, that’s my hitter
You ain’t doing wrong, as long as you don’t touch my hitter
South finger fuck my trigger, smoking on strong
None of y’all can fuck with us
None of y’all gossip, Jigga
Give me my throne, and you ain’t gonna like my picture
Leave a comment, fuck nigga
Hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up


[Bridge: Paloma Ford]
You must be suicidal
When we pull up, watch the suicide doors
I’ve been too deep, make ‘em call the 5-0
If he surprised, I know that gun go
This kush got me so on
Man I’m so on
We ridin’ ’round, we gettin’ money
Don’t act like you don’t know
Don’t touch my niggas
I suggest you don’t
Boy if you do, you must be suicidal





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