Kanye West – Runaway Full Length Film – Quick Analysis


Kanye West – Runaway – Quick Analysis

I will discuss this video in mainly a symbolic point of view; I will keep it very brief so that you are free to think about it more deeply.
The whole film is about moving (running away) from “the norm” or what is expected of you from others, living up to what is expected of you no matter what field you may be in. This is what is meant by the man running away.
Also in the next scene we clearly see that the television is on the news and we are told not to pay attention to what stories the news is projecting to us.
Some of you may be thinking, well the news keeps me up to date with what is going on in the world!
Well in some cases that is true, but the news also projects stories to us which they want our minds to be filled with. Most people agree with whatever the news says to us without even putting any individual research on what is being told to us.
Looking at the video from a symbolic standpoint, we can see that we are being showed that we should separate from what is PUT on us in life and reconnect to being ourselves.
Without going too deep into the analysis the phoenix is symbolic of the FIRE which lives within all of us the fire must be cultivated in this world (the garden scene). After this the fire is put into the music the phoenix is seen as sexual as when the music is being created we all get a good sensational feeling when it comes into reality.
At the dinner table scene, Kanye is trying to share the fire with others but they are not able to absorb this information, (when you try share something new with someone they are not able to absorb it as you do, some do with little understanding). The fire dies out because others do not catch on to the fire and they are just killing the fire with their attitude.
Dancers are shown with Kanye this is represents the public who recognise this fire and are able to be a part of it.
After that we are shown in the next scene that fire that has been cultivated loses power when you change your ideas by limiting it to be accepted by others, to let fire flow you must go with what you are given (your idea) only that way can your ideas be pure.
The last song explains that a person who is not able to be themselves, to go with the fire within them, to go with their original ideas, is truly lost in the world.

Article written by:

Max Magister



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