[Intro: Puff Daddy]
Ayo, pass me that, Jeezy

[Hook: Jeezy & Puff Daddy]
Smokin’, fire, so, high
Para-chute, that, fly
Bottles, up (let’s go) hold ’em, high
Put ya, Rollies, in the, sky (ayo)
Bottles, up, hold ’em, high
Throw some, money, in the, sky
I wanna see some money in the air, man
Bottles, up, hold ’em, high (Ciroc boys, Ciroc girls)
Throw some, money, in the, sky, uhh (Avion, Jeezy, let’s go)

[Verse 1: Jeezy & Puff Daddy]
Black ‘Vette, white spider (gone)
Digi dash (skrrt) knight rider (c’mon)
Val-et on swole
Brought a oak, rose, gold
Con-do, Bis-cayne (c’mon)
China, white lo-mein
Light forty, pocket, change (damn)
Pull up in a yello range
Street money, shit, real (Let’s go)
Carti-er, wind-chill (stunt)
Two bitches (yeah) double, date (damn)
Diamonds floatin’, levi-tate (damn)
Bentley coupes, Bentley trucks (what else?)
Forty cal, got it tucked
Private planes, I got her name (what?)
Want that bag, keep the fame, uhh (you know what it is)
[Hook: Jeezy & Puff Daddy]
Smokin’ fire, so, high
Para-chute that, fly
Bottles, up, hold ’em high (can’t take it with you, baby)
Put ya Rollies in the sky (put them bottles in the air!)
Bottles up, hold ’em high (it’s a celebration)
Throw some money, in the, sky
Bottles up, hold ’em high (gang gang)
Throw some money in the sky, uhh (take that, listen, ahh!)

[Verse 2: Jeezy & Puff Daddy]
Avi-on, no, Crist’s (c’mon)
North Pole, ice wrist-es
Iced out, strapped up (let’s go)
Hunnid carrots, what the fuck?
Fuck ’em, ball (fuck ’em all) slicks, stunt
Py-rex, roll a blunt
Double doors, marble floors
Ele-vator, fuck a hater (yo, check this out)
Mo-ët, mo’ checks (that’s right)
Ro-lex, mo’ sex (c’mon)
Mini chopper, heli-copter (let’s fly!)
Diamonds shiny, tele-prompter
Pinky ring, ten carrots
Ten birds, ten parrots (you know what it is)
Banana clips, fifty rounds (c’mon)
Garbage bags, fifty pounds, uhh (let’s go!)
[Hook: Jeezy & Puff Daddy]
Smokin’ fire, so high
Para-chute, that fly (there’s an art to this shit)
Bottles up, hold ’em high
Put ya Rollies, in the sky (you can’t give a fuck!)
Bottles up, hold ’em high (Avion, Deleon)
Throw some money in the, sky (Cîroc)
Bottles up, hold ’em high
This that black excellence, you know what I’m sayin’? C’mon
Throw some money in the, sky, uhh (let’s go!)

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