Jacquees – Body Right


You said you miss me
I’m so through with those things
I’m so sick of those things(shawty)
Shawty yeah
Dont got no time for slip ups
I been on my grind so I’m up
And girls on the road just love to fuck
Everytime that I’m away, I’m with you
Hate that I let a nigga come get you
Show me the rules
What do I do?
Girls that I fooled thinkin’ bout you
I miss you too
You get my key come straight to the room (all access, yeah)
When you get the key go straight to the room (come on)

My eyes ain’t seen ya body in a minute
My hands ain’t rubbed ya thighs in a minute
Ima lay you on ya side when I hit it
I know bitches telling lies but you winning
Ima do ya body right when I get it(2x)
Ima do ya body riiiight
Ima do ya body right when I get it
Ima do ya body riiight

I’m gon’ make you remember
I’m Bout to take the Jeep doors off in the winter(winter)
I keep a killa right beside me
In case these niggas wanna try me
You ain’t too much for me girl
Am I too much for you?
I see you all over instagram
Posting shit that you know ain’t true
Caught a wave, man you tryna bust a move
You tryna see what I’m gon’ do
You just want a reaction
Wanna fuck all your fears
You coming with me
Bring you with me
Liquor and weed
Fly overseas
Sex on the beach
Sex you to sleeeep
Girl I’ll teach you a lesson
Love with me’s a blessing
Some bitches we ain’t dealt with
Some sheets that we ain’t felt yet
Some secrets you ain’t tell yet
Know these bitches got you jealous
Should tell’em that I’m with you
Cause I don’t want no issues



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