[Intro: Muscle Gotti, Mr.Lamborghini]
It’s ya boi Muscle Gotti
Shout out my day-1 nigga Fredo, yea?
“Get Rich Or Get Recalled”
Maddest mixtape on the roads right now
Really in the fields
Free all tha’ Gang!
HRB, Patten Gang
Get wit it or get lost
Gang, gang, gang, gang, gang
Free everyone!
Ya’ dun’ know
The hardest mixtape in the world
“Get Rich or Get Recalled”
You already know who I am
“Hearselini” aka “Mr.Lamborghini”!
We still out ‘ere!
Fuck the Queen!
Still banging burners! Still getting cash!
Fredo, yo tell ’em

[Verse 1]
Them niggas are lying them niggas are bitch mate
I’m rollin’ with bro and you know ’bout his dip game
I’m Fredo from young, I been whippin’ this grub and shit (Whippin’)
Bro they acting like gangstas, they see us and run and shit
Tryna cop me a joint I can fill with a hundred clip
I was 15 with crack tryna run from the government
And now I put powder In blenders, no supplement
My white fans, they tell me I’m muggin’ It
Taking the piss
Harvey Nicks and I’m taking a lift
All them hoes wanna taste of my stick
Everyday bro I’m making a flip, you know how it is
This life’s mad, I had a lot of stress
I wouldn’t changed (Not a thing)
Niggas talking shit, ’til we slide around and then change suttin’
Yeah the names buzzin’ (Fredo)
Plus I’m shooting cells from a half a box
And my bitch looks, just like Lara Croft
You’re talking trap trap, but you hardly shot
And my bitch can’t ask me ’bout cheating
Can’t you see that you’re shoes are in season

Everyone’s rich fam you should leave It
‘Cause you’re mum gets the bus every evening
Whats good for this big man
Fam he’s riding with children
I was meant to be in school
But I was riding In Kilburn
Free my little homies, free my big brodies
Can’t wait til you’re coming back
I took a lot of grub off a lot of plugs
Bro I swear I didn’t run it back
We just rid out last night
And tonight bro we’re coming back
And a young G just taped off your strip
I heard little homie got double stabbed

Enough of dat
Don’t be talking ’bout booty my bitch got enough of that
And last year, It was O15 and a run through a hundred stacks
I’m a young nigga getting whole things so what can you tell me
I’m with my new bitch, I’m in my new whip, she taking new selfies
And my trap spot gets its 5 a day, swear It’s too healthy
I won’t stop dropping rocks in the pot unit what? I’m too wealthy
Just got me a 4 in the baby
I’m flying to my kitchen, you know I’m gonna cook it up
And the opps have been hitting the news
Bro swear you can look It up
Meanwhile the sexiest gyal In the city wan’ look at us
My wrist was hurtin’ so I had to ask bro bro to cook it up
You’re mashin’ the work with no hoody up
Then you’re fully fucked

Got a young bull sliding around and a swear he’s on go go
Still I’m dodging these feds and these fans
And these cams and these photos
Out in upsah I’m serving them packs and I’m serving them low low
I got 16s of B bro I swear to god they’re like rolo’s

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