Dragon Ball Z Super – Future Trunks Saga


Future Trunks / Goku Black Saga

I recently caught onto DBZ super and it seems I have been hooked ever since the Goku Black Arc is indeed a very captivating arc. The story unfolds with Trunks from a future timeline coming back to the present where Goku & Vegeta reside to receive help as a new dangerous enemy has appeared which threatens not just his universe but eventually all universes.

A lot comes to mind while watching this drama unfold, here we have Goku a warrior minded individual who has raised himself to a point that he is able to fight with Gods and on the otherside we have Zamasu an “god” (how he describes himself) who sees all mortals as unworthy and a plague to the earth itself.

How does one get at this point? Well under training with Gowasu it becomes apparent his views on humanity. We can tell this by the questions he asks his teacher, his attitude and his hidden agenda which he has been planning. What I find interesting is during all this Zamasu proclaims the world should be cleansed of humans and create a world only for Gods.


Well because humans/mortals are the one and only failed creation of the Gods and the only reason they have been allowed to live for all this time is because the Gods themselves refuse to admit their failure. Therefore Zamasu now believes he must take it upon himself to annihilate the humans / mortals on Gods behalf.

What I find interesting is about Zamasu is that he dislikes the fact that humans use their god-given wisdom for evil. When infact Zamasu himself a being who has originated from a higher place entirely has completely dedicated himself on a mission which involves committing terrible evil deeds.

On the other side we have Goku, a saiyan warrior who is a fool at heart but a fantastic warrior when it comes to battle. Now considering Zamasu’s static views on mortals his first encounter actually does stir up even more hatred as he feels he is superior to any human/mortal and dislikes the fact that Goku is so casual with his approach to him and even challenges him to fight. The outcome of that fight has lead Zamasu to the conclusion that humans/mortals use their god-given wisdom for evil and those who have wisdom are the most dangerous ones (Son Goku). The result? Zamasu begins his quest the “Zero Mortals Plan”.




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