From a go-getter to recording artist, to recording artist to a DJ with his own weekly show on Westside FM. D-Rymez is a multi-talented individual who never lets an opportunity go to waste. We at Media Essence find out his mindset and what drives him.

         D-Rymez’s latest release “Let’s Get It”,  took the larger-than-life Artist, to the shores of Algarve, Portugal. Over the past decade, the Assyrian-British artist has gained the respect of his peers by releasing record after record of music coupled with stunning visuals, but a new opportunity came knocking the start of 2019 which has opened more doors for D-Rymez the world of DJ’ing.

The Recording Artist

Music the hobby, the passion which never stopped evolving and changing into something new.

“I have been recording and making music for over 10 years now. I started doing it for fun when I was in in the last couple of years of Primary school. In secondary school I started battle rapping other artists which got my name around the school, eventually at 15 years old I recorded my first mixtape entitled ‘Time Is Now Vol. 1’ and starting selling it. “

Take Opportunities

We’ve all been gifted with opportunities at one point in our lives, some more than others D-Rymez has his own perspective when it comes to opportunities.

“Personally, I have been in situations where I have passed on great opportunities that I have regretted, I promised myself I would never make that mistake again. I feel like every opportunity is a blessing. Sometimes in life, you need to take the gamble and not even think about it. If you fail you fail at least you tried, don’t ever feel ashamed or embarrassed. People will respect you much more as a risk taker as opposed to someone who is scared to take a chance. Nowadays I see so many artists and entrepreneurs taking opportunities and it has changed their life forever. I advise everyone to take them when they arise. You never know what is at the end of the tunnel.”

From Worker to Creating Own Destiny

It’s important for everyone to live out a life they deem fulfilling, being able to work for yourself enables you to in a sense create your own destiny.

“Since 15 years old I have always been working. I worked in hairdressers sweeping up hair on Saturdays for £30. I have always loved working and earning. It’s a great feeling. Throughout my working life I have tried retail, call centres, estate agencies however I always ended up getting bored and felt like every job was a burden on what I really wanted to achieve in life. Although I was grateful for the money, I felt restricted. I eventually had enough of asking permission to book holidays, to take a break, to use my phone. I told myself that I never want to work for anyone ever again. I’m someone who needs to use social media to prosper in what I love doing, I’m someone that needs to travel the world freely to network and meet people that could be a massive benefit to what I want to achieve in life. I feel like none of that can be accomplished if you are following a restricted routine where you are waking up and forcing yourself to work when you don’t want too.

Since working for myself I have never been happier. I am able to share this positive and constructive energy amongst my followers and friends. I tend to encourage everyone to do the same but I know how dependent we all become on a job that pays. This then goes back to taking a risk. Sometimes you need to test the waters before you decide to swim.”

The Era of the DJ

Transitions are often a challenge but challenges and changes force us to evolve and bring out the best.

Since becoming a DJ I feel much more relaxed, I don’t feel the pressure of needing to release music to please my followers because they can see I am already taking on a new career which will go hand in hand with being an artist eventually. Since starting my new show I feel a great amount of responsibility, In my head, I know every Friday I have a show to create, new music to be on top of and topics to discuss. It’s been such a blessing and I’m so grateful for Westside for giving me this opportunity. They have literally changed the path of my life and I’m riding the wave.

I’ll be completely honest. I love being a DJ. I have always had a great ear for music, I ride around my area blasting music out of my car purposely to see pedestrians vibing out to it haha. I have always felt like a mobile DJ but now its official. I have learned everything by myself with some advice for other DJs on my come up. There is nothing like learning a new skill. I mix my own music, edit my own videos, write and record my own lyrics and now I DJ out in bars, clubs and create my own mixes.

As an artist that has been making music my whole life I know that it takes a while before you see an amount of money that you can actually live on, but as a DJ, I have already made a comfortable amount of money with more in the pipeline and I have only been doing it for 2 months. That says a lot. I have always made music for the love of it but sometimes a little money from what you love doing keeps you motivated to carry on. Being an artist is not cheap. You have to pay for studio time, videos, artwork, promotion, radio pluggers, online campaigns. It’s a lot but its fun.

  I advise anyone who is doing what they love doing to carry on and never give up. If I was not the artist I have been all of those years I wouldn’t be in the position of a DJ now.


Tune into the #TheShutDownShow with @DRymez on Westside radio (89.6FM). For the latest & greatest in Hip-Hop, R&B, Afrobeats, Dancehall, Reggaeton & MORE! Every Friday 7pm to 10pm

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