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  • Taekwondo Kickboxing Techniques Sampler (Kwonkicker)

    Taekwondo Kickboxing Techniques Sampler (Kwonkicker)

    +2-2   This is a sample featuring techniques from kwonkicker’s various martial arts tutorials and training videos. See some Frequently Asked Questions about him below; FAQs: Q: What is Taekwondo Kickboxing? A: Taekwondo Kickboxing is essentially formal Taekwondo that has been trained for use under modern Kickboxing style competition rules (International, Full-Contact, Muay Thai, […]

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  • The Apprentice 2014: Series 10 Episode 8 Preview – BBC One

    The Apprentice 2014: Series 10 Episode 8 Preview – BBC One

    +2-2   Multimillionaire Sir Alan Sugar puts job candidates through the various test’s via his tasks in search for a business partner. http://www.bbc.co.uk/apprentice

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  • Marvel Heroes 2015 Launch Trailer

    Marvel Heroes 2015 Launch Trailer

    +1-1   Celebrating a year’s worth of content, features and game modes, Marvel Heroes 2015, and the month-long event that kicks it off, brings players daily shared quests, trading, alternate advancement systems, and an epic end-game raid for 10 players against the massive ruler of fire demons himself, Surtur.

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  • Drake – Broadcast Interview

    Drake – Broadcast Interview

    +3-3   I recently came across this interview of Drake with CBC’s Jian Ghomeshi. Now for all of you who are unaware who Drake is. Drake is an Canadian music artist who first launched into the spotlight in 2008. He become famous for his unique style of combining rapping and singing on his tracks. […]

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  • Kanye West Uncut Interview 2002

    Kanye West Uncut Interview 2002

    +4-5   In this interview we have a young Kanye West. He shares his journey not just in music but growing up as a child, how things worked out for him from learning sampling to becoming a producer. It is interesting to see that even years before the heightened fame Kanye West receives now […]

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  • Juice – (1992) – Starring Tupac Shakur, Omar Eps, Khalil Kain, Jermaine Hopkins

    Juice – (1992) – Starring Tupac Shakur, Omar Eps, Khalil Kain, Jermaine Hopkins

    +2-2   Juice is a story of four young African Americans who are growing up on the streets. When the lifestyle which they have become used to longer satisfy’s their needs and wants it seems they are forced to head down a dangerous road which they may never be able to return from as […]

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  • Jamal Edwards x Microsoft #FutureDecoded

    Jamal Edwards x Microsoft #FutureDecoded

    +5-5   Jamal Edwards was invited to Microsoft’s Future Decoded and gets exclusive green room access to some of the world’s most influential thinkers. Speaking from his own experience as an entrepreneur, Jamal speaks with Sir Bob Geldof and Sir Martin Sorrel about the impact of technology and what it takes to make it […]

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